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Freight forwarders

Working with freight forwarders for over 25 years


Heavy & Outsized Cargo: Using our specialist knowledge of cargo aircraft volumes and loading capabilities, we can help transport heavy and outsize cargo quickly and efficiently.

Urgent ‘Go Now’ Shipments: Accessing up-to-the-minute information on the location of thousands of aircraft worldwide, we can often have time-critical cargo in the air within an hour of confirmation.

Dangerous Goods: With a comprehensive understanding of dangerous goods classes, shipping guidelines and routing restrictions, our highly-trained team will source the ideal aircraft licenced to carry your sensitive freight.

Remote Destinations: We have extensive experience in arranging charters to isolated or hostile locations, using our unrivalled network of contacts to secure the necessary permits and documentation.

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Trusted Experts: We’ve worked with some of the world’s largest freight forwarders and our expert team successfully delivers even the toughest briefs.

Specialist Knowledge: Our expertise goes way beyond just knowing each aircraft’s dimensions and loading capability. Our account managers are experienced in working with aircraft on the ground and have first-hand knowledge of every element of the charter process, from the necessary permits to which airports are best equipped to handle your cargo.

Personal Account Manager: Your dedicated cargo expert is available 24/7 and can take care of all the details, from customs and security clearance to road transfers after landing.

Global Coverage: With a global network of 20 offices across the globe, we have access to 50,000 aircraft and will always secure you the best deal for every job.

Experience: We’ve been operating for 25 years and arrange 15,000 charter contracts annually, with access to a huge range of aircraft in different locations around the world.


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